domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016


SONG:   Heart - Alone

My father woke me up and he opened the blinds of my blue bedroom. No light entered through the windows. It was night outside! I looked at my clock: it was 6:00 in the morning. Then, I looked at my father. I could only appreciate problems and nervousness.

Suddenly I remembered: it was the day on which my family and I had to take the plane to Australia. Immediately after having realised this, I got nervous.

I got dressed and I walked downstairs to the kitchen. My parents and my sisters were already there. I dislike having breakfast early in the morning: there isn’t natural light in the kitchen therefore you have to switch on the lights. With the artificial light my kitchen looks like a cold, non-cosy room; what’s more, I’m not hungry until ten or eleven in the morning, so, when I must have breakfast at six, seven or eight in the morning, I can only drink a cup of milk with cocoa. The rest of my family were eating toasts with butter and jam, cereals, cookies and my parents were drinking coffee. The smell of coffee and freshly baked toasts when I’m not hungry in the morning makes my stomach turn.

We were in a hurry. After having breakfast, we made sure that our suitcases were all packed for the trip. Since we didn’t want to leave our park in the car park of the airport for three weeks, we took a taxi. I found the fifteen minutes between my house and Paraya’s airport eternal.

Finally we were in the airport. There weren’t many people there. While my parents walked up to the counter to get our tickets and verify that everything was in order, my sisters and I sat in some chairs. I could see that they were happy and a little anxious. I realised I was feeling the same. It was the first time I was going to fly! I could not believe that I was going to fly more than twenty-eight thousand feet above the surface of the Earth! I was constantly thinking about that, so you can understand that I was scared. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

My parents came to sit with us. Our urgency wasn’t justified: we had to wait for almost two hours. I was getting angry and bored when we heard the boarding call: “Flight 87 to Australia, boarding gate number three”.

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