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SONG: Luis Eduardo Aute - La belleza

I have flown twice in my life. The first one was when all my family and I went on holiday to the Canary Islands, but I was too young to remember that travel. In fact, I was only two years old.

Due to this reason, I’ll write about the second time I flew, not about the first one.

It was a hot sunny day, and I was excited as in the evening I was going to fly to Scotland with my family.

I spent all the morning preparing my luggage while my family was preparing theirs.

We finished packing our suitcases and we ate. I could hardly eat since I was nervous due to the trip. After eating, we had to wait three hours since the plane took off at five o’clock.

As time passed, I felt more and more nervous, therefore I couldn’t do anything but sit in my bedroom and wait until the three hours passed.

Finally, my mother shouted: “ Come on! Hurry up! We’re going to be late!”. We quickly took our suitcases and put them in the car. Then, we drove to the airport.

When we arrived, the parking was full, so my father left us at the entrance of the airport with the luggage and then he went to look for a parking space.

We walked into the airport. There was a chaos of passengers going to and fro, hugging their relatives, waiting in queues, resting on benches, in the snack bar…

We went to the end of a queue to check in. While we were queueing our father joined us. After checking in we went to check in our suitcases.

At last, it was all done. We sat on a bench and waited.

I was watching how, as the  previous flights were taking off, our flight was raising positions on a screen.

A voice said over the loudspeakers: "Passengers of flight number five with destination to Scotland must go to boarding gate number two."

We took our bags and suitcases and walked to the boarding gate, where two flight attendants led us to the plane and indicated our seats. 

I was very nervous. After the explanation of the flight attendants about the safety rules, the motor started to make noise. We were going to take off !

The plane started moving more and more quickly and my heart started beating rapidly. I felt some pressure in my head and my stomach. We were taking off !

I was a little bit scared, but when I watched through the window and I saw the beautiful landscape, I was just amazed. It was wonderful !

I saw the houses and cars becoming smaller and smaller as the plane was ascending. Then, I just could see clouds.

And after two hours and a half…  
                                                      We landed in Edinburgh!

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