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From my point of view, the bilingual programme has been more successful than people thought it was going to be.

 When I was in primary school, English was one of the subjects that was the most difficult to me. I didn’t get very high marks. Because of that, when I started first of ESO I was not in the bilingual programme. During that year I learnt a lot, but not as much as I have in the bilingual programme. When I started second of ESO, I was in it. At first, it was difficult as I hadn’t been in it the previous year. However, I have learnt a lot throughout all these years.

I think that the most difficult aspect of the bilingual programme is to have subjects in English. This year it is Physical Education, so it is not as hard as the previous ones, but in third of ESO it was History. We learnt a lot of new vocabulary, but it was very difficult to study in spite of the fact that we have two more hours of English every week. That makes a huge difference.       

In conclusion, the bilingual programme has been a fantastic idea as people learn English very well. In addition, we are lucky since it is given in a public high-school for free.

By S.E.

If you want to learn English well the best thing you can do is to join the bilingual programme. This programme is quite good for learning just English since you can’t really learn French here.

I really like the bilingual programme as it’s very useful for our future. I’ve studied English and French in this programme. In English, you will learn to write, speak and understand everything through the years whereas in French you won’t learn much as with the other language since there are less hours and it’s not compulsory.

Everything I know about English is due to this bilingual programme, that’s why I recommend everybody to join it and experience it. One thing is clear, you will have to work hard and be persistent to get good marks because it’s not easy.
                                            By A.R

The bilingual programme is an excellent opportunity to increase your English level. But for that to happen, there must be qualified teachers.

In my opinion, there are good English teachers in my high school, but some of the other teachers who teach different subjects in English, are not as prepared as I think they should. But, of course, we are the first group to experience the 'bilingual' programme.

Personally, I like it as it increases my knowledge of English. Despite this, coming to English classes in the afternoon is really tiring, and it makes me be scarce of time.

But, to sum up, I think the bilingual programme has more advantages than disadvantages and I don't regret having chosen this optional programme since 1st of ESO.

                                                                                 By A.D.

The bilingual programme is a very good start for children to learn English, and as it is free, even families who can’t afford paying an academy, can get their children to learn more English than what they learn at a normal school.

In my opinion, in Spain, the way of learning English is quite disappointing, as in high school you just have three hours of it, and then you won’t have any contact with it. That means that in three hours you have to learn a language. This is quite idifficult, so it might be a waste of time. On the other hand, in the bilingual programme, you will learn some other subjects in English, what might seem more difficult, but if you really want to do it, it is not that complicated, and that will improve your level a lot, as I think that it is more important  to speak a language than learning the grammar, since when you go to an English-speaking country, many people will just skip this grammar, as people also do in Spain, and we don’t notice because we are accostumed to it.

In conclusion, I totally agree with the bilingual education system, and I hope that it will continue forever.
                                                                                     By A.S

At the age of 11, I was going to start my hard stage at the high school. I was extremely excited. Although I knew that it was going to be more difficult, I was really self-confident as I had been getting in most of my exams A+.

When I was asked if I wanted to be in the bilingual programme, I rejected the proposal. However, my mother forced me since she knew that I was going to learn more than in the non bilingual programme. On the one hand, I was going to be with most of my friends and that was a good point. On the other hand, I had to go two hours to the high school on Tuesday afternoons. This was the main reason why I didn’t want to take part in this programme.

Now, I’m really proud of having entered here since I have learnt a lot of English. Also, I have been in several camps where I have met new friends. Last year, I met up with a girl whom I had met at “The Week Camp” in first of ESO. We hadn’t changed so much, so we recognised each other. Since the summer, we have got along very well and, at this moment, I could say that she is one of my best friends; therefore, if I hadn’t chosen the bilingual programme, I wouldn’t have met her.

Another positive fact of this type of programme is that it helps you a lot with other exams that you take on your own. I mean, you know English so you can do Cambridge tests, which are going to be useful in the future. For example, I’m trying to get the B2 certificate and I’m looking forward to getting it this year or next.

To sum up, I’m grateful for having this bilingual programme at this high school for two main reasons: I have learnt a lot of English and I have met good friends.

                                                                       By J.B

When my parents offered me the possibility of joining the bilingual programme in my new high school, it didn’t take me a long time to make my decision. It seemed to me that it was an opportunity to improve my English, without the obligation of paying extra lessons out of the high school. And in spite of not knowing if it would be really hard or a waste of time (as I had never been in a bilingual programme before), I joined it.

To my satisfaction, it has turned out to be a great experience since I can appreciate how my level of English rises. Having a spare hour every Monday and Wednesday isn’t a big effort for me. Besides, those days I haven’t got athletics training, so I have enough time to do my homework.

I am also really happy to be in class with such hardworking mates, because it creates a comfortable atmosphere to work in.

All in all, having joined the bilingual programme has become an advantage for me, and though working extra hours becomes a bit tiring some days, I know that it will be really useful for my future.

By M.S.

In my opinion, the bilingual programme is a perfect choice for students as they will learn more English than if they were not studying it and it also is useful for our future as English is the most important lenguage to find a job.

Nowadays, most people go to an English School  to take the B2 exam since if you pass this exam before going to the university, you won´t have to do more English lessons. However, there are a lot of people who have already passed the B2 certificate and they are preparing for the C1  certificate. But if you choose the bilingual programme you don´t have to go to any other English School unless you want to take a higher level.

I believe that nowadays, the bilingual programme is essentialB for students since their English level will improve a lot.

                                                         By J.B.S 

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