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When the utility of being part of the high school board is null, nobody wants to put herself forward as a candidate; that’s the main reason why the rest of the school doesn’t care who the chosen person is or why nobody wants to be part of it.

I understand that this organization must exist just to control our rights as a students but no one wants to go to meetings during the breaks. The truth is that when you are elected you can’t exercise any power since you are a minority.

With all of this I want to say that the fact that there weren’t any female candidates to the high school board is not related to machismo or to the thought that women are inferior. We just don’t want to go to a place where you aren’t able to do anything. There is not any deeper thought behind this truth.


Girls are often said to be much more mature than boys. However, when the girls of our high school were asked to take part in the high school board, none of them had the confidence to do it.

Society has made us think that girls grow up faster than boys do, but I believe that is not something positive. From my point of view, girls are more concerned about what the rest of people think about them than boys. As a result of this, girls end up being less self-confident than boys, as we do not really care about what people say about us; we are true to ourselves. We know that we are who we decide to be, and that way of thinking makes us take part in the high school board without thinking about what others will say about us. We just see it like a way of helping, since there is a huge lack of candidates, and out teachers seem to appreciate the aid we give them.

I would like to say that not all the girls or boys are as I have described them, I am talking in general.
                                                                       By S.P.A

The absence of girls in the high school board is just due to a simple coincidence. Someone could think that girls were unconfident and decided not to stand for the elections because they were not prepared well enough. I don’t think so at all.

In my opinion, girls are as capable as boys to carry this post out. Furthermore, women can be sometimes better at these tasks since they tend to be more patient and well-organized. That doesn’t mean that men aren’t, but at those ages, girls are usually more mature than boys.

Perhaps this year girls weren’t interested in that kind of responsibilities and thought of it as a waste of time. Maybe girls believed that popular boys were going to succeed, or they had the fear of not getting any votes. In that aspect, boys might be more confident and don’t care about critics.

In conclusion, girls are as able as boys to perform this position. I am sure there will be some girls struggling for their purpose in next elections.   

                                                        By  M.S

There were no female candidates to the high school board as in my view boys are better at making quick decisions, they are firmer on their opinions and they express more clearly and directly their opinion.

On the other hand, girls are more discreet and timid than boys when talking in public, and giving personal opinions. They might be very talkative with people whom they rely on, however they get nervous when they must express their feelings, and even more if they have to contradict other people's opinions. That's why I wouldn't like to be a candidate to the school board, although I think that some girls could gather as many good qualities as boys.

However, boys still prefer having power and control of situations, whereas girls are not so interested in such matters. They just want to go to school and have fun without the need of feeling important or having responsabilities.


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