miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015


Dear unknown readers:

Weirdly enough, I have been asked to write a letter to some people whom I do not even know… So I have decided to do out of the ordinary and to write about a less complex theme, since, let´s face it, I am kind of tired of philosophical essays.

The main point that I wanted to make you understand guys, is the absolutely huge work which you cannot probably appreciate. It all starts with a particularly original and sometimes even strange idea which our teacher comes up with, followed by an hour of hard work in which we develop an extremely polished small piece of literature. Well, it is not true literature… But taking into account our age, our studies and the language that we are using, I believe that t is pretty awesome. Going back to our main concern, the next step that we have to climb is to correct our compositions until they are flawless, and, eventually turn them into  a digital format in order to upload them.

I know that this essay will be nothing to write about in terms of philosophical implications or controversial topics, but I have to say that it is sometimes interesting to write in a more informal way, especially after having written twenty three regular essays. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry at all, ‘SPA’ will be back in a week with more of his formal way of writing. That is all I wanted to tell you guys, it has been a pleasure to talk to you, and do not forget to keep on visiting our absolutely astonishing and breathtaking blog. 

Thank you very much for your support! See you!

                                                                 By SPA

It's such an amazing fact that people from all over the world know the blog!

I mean, people from the United States, Australia and even non-speaking English countries such as Pakistan have visited the web.

Certainly, I really don't know whether they have liked it or not, or what they were expecting to find or read when they found out the page. However, it doesn't matter as the significant issue here is that by knowing people from different countries, people get to know each other, their cultures and traditions , and they also become more open-minded so that we can get through prejudices.

I strongly believe it would be great to have a chat or a place where those people could comment or make suggestions about the blog but I hope they like it and more people discover and read our compositions!

                                                                   By L.S

Dear unknown readers:

Since my English teacher came up with the idea of having a blog to upload our compositions, I have wondered several times who the people that enter the blog and read my compositions are. And now, knowing that even readers from countries like the U.S.A visit this site, I cannot avoid feeling curious about what those people, you, think about my essays.

In order to write my compositions, I always try to provide them my personal touch, to be original in any sense, and I know my classmates do it too. We reflect our opinions about social issues, and I believe it may be interesting for you to compare them to adults’ opinions. It is sometimes said that teenagers like us don’t have a consistent opinion about things, however you know that our essays can be really mature and provide a different and modern point of view on varied topics. So for people like you who read this blog, it is relevant to appreciate the deep reflections of some of the essays, as the one of getting pregnant at a young age, or the one which asked about our fear of solitude.

All in all, I don’t know who you are, nor if you read since somebody recommended you the site or you just discovered the blog by chance. Considering that you, unknown readers, have come back more than once to the site, it might be that some of you have liked it and become interested in our writing. I hope you really enjoy them, as that way, apart from improving my written English, I will be entertaining people.

                                                                     By M.S.

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