miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016


SONG: Boston - More Than A Feeling

Preparing everything to go to the beach might seem like an easy and quick task, but in reality it is not.

For my family, it is always the same chaotic routine. We start collecting our swimsuits and towels to put them in our bags, but we can’t find them. We look for them all around the house: in our bedrooms, in the bathrooms, in the basement… Even in the kitchen!

When we finally find them, we put them into the bags.

Then, we realise that we haven’t taken the suntan cream and we go to take it, but it is never in its place. We start to search again all around the house to find it. Finally we put it in the bags.

And the same happens with the caps, the flip-flops, the sun glasses, the rackets and the ball, the kite, the parasol…

We spend almost an hour walking upstairs and downstairs to find and prepare everything! More time than when we were younger…And then it hardly fits in the boot!

Personally, I prefer going to the beach with less objects, just a bag for each one with a swimsuit, a towel and suntan lotion. But I don’t care about carrying all the other things since if we don’t take them, on the beach I will be bored if I don’t have rackets or a kite to play with, or the sun will burn my skin if I don’t have a parasol to protect my body from its light…

Finally, after we have found everything and put it in the car, we drive to the beach, ready to spend a fantastic day there.

And we know that we aren’t going to need anything!

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