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SONG: John Williams - Duel of the Fates

From all the wonderful places which exist in our galaxy, going from the endless forests of Endor, to the breathtaking landscapes of Kashyyk or to the spotless snow slopes of Hoth, surprisingly enough, my favourite one is the planet Tatooine.

Many people may be surprised by the fact that I sometimes enjoy getting into my spaceship, a modified Firespray-31, in order to travel all the way to the Outer Rim region just to hang out on the dusty big old planet which is Tatooine.  ‘Why dusty and old?’, you may wonder. Well, that is because Tatooine is basically a huge desert. Anywhere you look at there is just sand, sand, and more sand. If you are lucky, you might run into a couple of banthas from time to time, which are huge hairy animals with long curved horns. But do not get too close to them, as they are often looked after by tuskens, and they are not very kind to strangers. However, when the sky starts getting dark, just as the night is about to fall, you can get to appreciate both of Tatooine’s suns stained in red and orange, and surrounded by an extremely impressive yellow sky. Very few have given the deserved value to such phenomenon, but I can ensure that it is one of the most beautiful sights that I have ever witnessed.

Despite the beauty of this planet, the truly important reason that makes this place especially significant to me are the people who live there. Although places like Mos Eisley are infested by all kinds of social renegades like pirates, smugglers or criminals, you can sometimes meet pretty interesting individuals. When I was younger, I met a small kid called Anakin whom I helped to build a racing pod. He was extremely cute, as he constantly repeated that he wanted to win his freedom by winning a real podrace… How ingenious of him! I also remember that he was rather scary when he got angry, as I once saw him choking a guy without touching him while he breathed strangely, deeply…

  On another occasion, a lot of years later, I got to talk with a couple of smugglers who were very funny: a guy called Solo and his wookie friend. They were quite weird, as they told me that their bird-named spaceship could overtake the speed of light! Come on! Everybody knows that is impossible!

All in all, I believe that Tatooine is a very especial place to visit, and I strongly recommend that, if you ever get the chance to pilot your own spaceship, you head straight there in order to behold the secrets that this planet keeps.

                                                               By SPA

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