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MY SONG: Linking Park - Hands Held High

Being a student is pretty nice, as you are still a young person with lots of friends and whose life is full of incredible adventures… Well, students have to study hard as well, but the exam period is not too long. We all know how being a pupil feels like, but only a few understand what being a teacher implies.

On the one hand, being a teacher can be a rather stressful job, since young people - especially teens - can be extremely arrogant and annoying. Students always tend to behave against their teacher’s will, which often becomes a problem, as they have to give the lessons in an extremely strict and serious way. Being a teacher can also be very repetitive, as after all, you are always teaching the same things, which blocks the constant knowledge income that people like students, doctors or chemists are used to having every day. In addition, the working hours of a teacher are not limited to the ones that take place in the classroom, because they must keep working on their own in order to prepare the material and the lessons which pupils have to receive.

On the other hand, teachers are the main pillar which supports society, as their job is the most important: if they did not exist, all the people would be stupid and ignorant, which would mean a lack of doctors, lawyers and policemen that would finally lead to the extinction of the human kind. In addition, truly good teachers know how to keep their pupils focused on their work without having to rebuke them all the time. I believe that that is the top achievement of a teacher: being able to have a productive class in which there is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, teachers are the only people who enjoy three months of holidays each year, and that is fairly attractive.

To sum up, I believe that teachers have to carry out a task which is both hard and complex and important. Without them the world would not be as nice as it is right now.

                                                            By SPA

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