domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015


MY SONG : Adele - Hello.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a teacher.  To me, it seemed to be the most interesting job in the world, but now, I don’t see it like that.

A big advantage is that you are teaching what you like, and you're working with your brain, which is very useful. You also have the satisfaction of seeing your students learn. Besides, teachers have more holidays than other workers, as they have part of the summer, at Easter, and at Christmas. Although it is true that they have to correct exams and prepare the classes. And if they have a family, this profession has the best schedule to combine it, in order to spend a lot of time with their children and go on vacation.

A disadvantage is that you sometimes have to deal with difficult students that you don’t want to be in your class, but you cannot choose it as if they were your clients in any other job. For that reason, a teacher must have patience and organization. Also, you could find students who do not want to learn and be there, so you have to be tough and strict and get their attention.

                                                        By B.R

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