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MY SONG:  The Script: No good in goodbye
                       Linkin Park: Powerless

My mother is an English teacher, so I feel some of the advantages and disadvantages of her profession affect me directly.

Everybody believes that teachers are very fortunate as they have long summer vacations, however, being a good teacher implies alot of work, and a lot of willpower. On many jobs, you might not have as much holiday, however, if you are a teacher, you have to work even if you are on holiday. Teachers are 24/7 thinking how they can improve their methodology, and this can even become sickly.

Teachers have to be people with a high self-esteem, as it is not easy to deal with a bunch of teens at their awkward age. You might think I am saying it is easier to teach small children than ''big'' children, but from my point of view, every kid is a world, and teachers have to deal with each one of them.

Being a teacher requires a special love to your job. Students notice if a teacher likes what he is doing or not, and that is why I feel it is a very special job that not everybody can do.

For a son or a daughter, the advantage of having a parent who is a teacher is that that kid can become very good at a specific subject, and as they will have almost the same holidays, they can have a lot of time for themselves.

When I get older I would like to become a teacher, because as my maths teacher says: ''If I talk about maths to someone in the street, he will think I'm crazy, however in class, I have a lot of time to talk about my passion, and even make people understand what I feel about it. It's marvellous!'' Teachers' goal consists of making younger generations feel passionate about what they like, and it is very satisfying when they achieve this goal. It is a feeling only a teacher can experience, and I am sure it is unique.

                                                      By A.S

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