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In my family environment, there are six people working as teachers, both my parents included. For this reason, family meetings always include anecdotes and comments about school or pupils, so I have been able to understand what being a teacher is like. Some people undervalue this job, focusing on the amount of days of vacation teachers have and on their timetables. They think teaching is something easy, at least not very hard, and complain about the idle life they have. However, they are wrong.

On the one hand, being an instructor is a nice job. You have a worthy salary and, as I said before, you have the same holidays as a student to travel, spend time with your family and relax. It is not a monotonous job: every day is different, it is not as if you worked in a factory. Apart from that, you spend your life teaching pupils and making them learn things that they will apply to their lives. If you like this job, you will enjoy your class time when you realize that students are interested in your subject.

On the other hand, you have to deal with the pupils, and there are some of them that may be rude to you and complicate your lessons. You can meet excellent people, but also conflictive and bad-mannered ones. In addition, education at school is not sometimes in keeping with education at home, therefore some decisions taken by teachers are not approved by parents, and that can create a conflict.

To sum up, becoming a teacher requires vocation, because carrying this profession out might get really difficult and stressing if you don’t like children or teenagers. Despite the popular belief, being a teacher is a demanding job, since you are forming individuals to become adults, so you ought to be a role model for the pupils.

                                     By M.S.

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