domingo, 17 de mayo de 2015

22. MY FAVOURITE SEASON. (Two compositions - BACHILLERATO 1)

Although I am not a very common person, as I like things that some of my friends dislike, I have to admit that, like most people, I absolutely love the summer.

I have always been a fairly active individual, since I get bored when I am at home in winter. I prefer to go out and to practise sports rather than stand still or sit down doing nothing. The summer is the perfect season to do all those cool activities, as the temperature is really high and we do not have to go to class. On top of that, my birthday is on  the fifth of August, and I always have a great time celebrating it.

My life in summer is pretty simple: I wake up, I have breakfast, I go to the beach and I have lunch there, and I finally go back home in order to start this cycle again. In spite of its simplicity, you can really change what you do from one day to another, as there are lots of different beaches and lots of different people to go with.

This season really makes me feel happy, as it allows me to relax after having studied a whole school year, being next to the ones whom I most appreciate. I believe that if I did not work as hard as I do, I wouldn´t enjoy the summer that much. However, I am not one of those individuals who dislikes winter or autumn. I think that these two seasons are really nice as well. It is said that if someone is happy, everything around him is beautiful, and I consider that that is my case.
                                                                         By SPA

In order to be original, I could write about how much I love winter, as I like Christmas and it’s a time to stay at your warm and comfortable home, watching the bright flames inside the fireplace. Or maybe I could write about spring, when all the flowers blossom and the weather begins to be quite good. I could even describe the grey autumn, season in which leaves fall from the trees, wind starts to blow and people have to recover their dusty umbrellas. I would be different from most people if I chose one of these seasons, but I would be lying.

Because my favourite season, no doubt, is summer. Just by writing it I can imagine the sunrays warming my cheeks up. Summer means beach, sport, friends, relax, new experiences, spare time. It’s a time when days are longer and sun (almost) always shines. You can go to the beach and enjoy the blue sea, or if you aren’t pleased with that, you can spend a day in the mountains, discovering nature. You can also make the most of your time and do varied activities, such as doing sport, learning a language or reading tons of books. It is necessary to mention the absence of classes, what makes summer really suitable to do whatever you can imagine.

To sum up, summer is my favourite season since I spend the whole year looking forward to its arrival, and in spite of not disliking the rest of seasons, I think summer is the best one.


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