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People get in drugs for similar reasons. They are told that it is fun and they forget about their problems. Even though they think it could become a serious problem, they consume the drug just because of the social pressure. It becomes a habit, and suddenly, they cannot live without their drug: they have turned into addicted people.

Being addicted to drugs means health problems. Your body will never be the same and you will become weak and ill. It will damage your physical appearance and people won’t get close to you, distrustful.

Besides, your entire life and the lives of the people around you will get ruined. You will be fired from work and probably get depressed and angry, which means a lot of complications with your family and friends. The pain and suffering that a drug addict causes to his family is awful, in spite of the fact that relatives don’t deserve it. Even if you are overwhelmed with this addiction, they will help you to recover your previous life.

So, those are reasons not to get hooked on drugs. They just cause problems and spoil lives, not only their own life. People who are part of the drug addict’s life will also be splashed with the consequences. People should think about it and decide if it is worth consuming drugs. I would bet that it isn’t.

By M.S.

Drugs are substances which are produced artificially that produce negative effects to the nervous system.

The most popular drug is cocaine, whose users are growing faster.

The most common and important consequence of abusing of cocaine is that the heart of users is too damaged because of the drug and it seems more aged than a healthy one.

It can also cause mental disorders like uncontrolled behaviour or hallucinations.

For the family it may be difficult to live with a person that can't control his reactions. They sometimes have to give the drug addict money to buy drugs as if they do not, he would react violently.

To sum up, drugs might not enter in our lives, as if they do, we won't be able to stop consuming them and we will destroy our life.
                             By A.A

People start taking drugs (and when I talk about drugs I include alcohol) without being conscious of how drugs are going to affect them or even their family.

In my opinion there are two reasons why people take drugs. One is just for having fun. People go out, drink alcohol and when they get tired of it, they take drugs thinking that they can control the situation, but they don't. And when they realize that they are hooked, it is late. The other reason is that some people pass through really bad moments in their life, and the only solution that they see is getting drunk and taking pills. I think that when people take drugs, it is worse for their families than for them. It is hard to see how a member of one's family slowly kills himself.

In conclusion, drugs are harmful for everybody who is around them. However, it is worse for families as they see how the people they love destroy themselves.

By S.E.

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